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Jeannie Norris, LMSW, MPA, CAADC, ADS

Norris Counseling LLC

Jeannie graduated from Grand Valley State University with her Master’s degrees in social work and public administration.  She gained her bachelor’s degree in social work from Auburn University.  

She has approximately 11 years of eclectic experience working with many different populations with many different needs including working with Native American individuals, elders, youth, individuals with substance use needs, and individuals with mental health needs. Some participant’s needs may include but are not limited to, trauma, substance use, depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, boundary setting, emotional needs and grief and loss.  Currently, she works full time at Cherry Health in the SAGE program and has started her journey in private practice through Norris Counseling LLC.

Jeannie strongly believes that life is a journey, not a destination and is grateful when given the opportunity to help individuals along parts of their journeys.  She believes in a strengths based approach and understands that participants are the experts of their own lives.  She utilizes many different techniques throughout therapy sessions included but not limited to cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy, informed acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, seeking safety, building healthy coping skills, and utilizing cultural practices including smudging.  She also does play therapy and other types of creative strengths based approaches to meet the needs of participants.  Jeannie is excited to be part of your journey.